The box running your services from your home.

FreedomBox is a private server for non-experts: install & configure apps with a few clicks. It runs on cheap hardware of your choice, uses your internet connection and power, and is under your control.

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Because your privacy belongs to you.

Your digital life should not be in the hands of tech companies or governments. Keep it close to you. Literally.

You can trust us. Because we value user freedom.

FreedomBox is Free Software an official part of Debian, a well established GNU/Linux distribution. We are backed by the non-profit FreedomBox Foundation.

Be a Pioneer.

FreedomBox is still in its early stages and sometimes requires willingness to leave your comfort zone to deal with rough edges. Give our supported apps a try:


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We are part of the greater Free Software community and welcome everybody. Please get in touch with us if you want join our effort: